[NMP] Heroes of the Vale

Posted in Dungeons and Dragons, nevermet press, pathfinder, rpg by Jerall on 4 September 2009

Today, my latest addition to  Nevermet Press goes live. This month, NMP has gone steampunk with  the Automated Antagonist – a collection of mechanical horrors that have imprisoned the poor people of the Hidden Vale. My article discusses how player characters might respond to the situation. So, today, I’m going to share a few item ideas for the Heroes of the Vale, to use in your 3.X or Pathfinder game.

Forgegrinder’s Apprentice:

Your Notebook: Your notebook not only contains copies of texts and diagrams from Forgegrinder’s library, but also your own notes, interpretations and insights too. It cannot be considered a complete work, by any standards, but paging through it may be enough to spark your memory.

If you spend 10 minutes paging through your notebook, you may reroll one, previously failed, Knowledge (Engineering) check with a +2 insight bonus. This ability can be used once per failed check.

Forgegrinder’s Library: The Warsmith’s library is extensive and, given enough time, you could find the answer to almost any question within Forgegrinder’s field of study.

You may use the library to research any question related to Knowledge (Engineering). Research takes 1d10 hours per topic, and allows you to make one K(E) check, with a +5 circumstance bonus.

The Merchant:

Treasure Map of the Vale: Though the map might be fake (then again, it might not), it is surprisingly accurate. Using the map gives you a +2 bonus to any Knowledge (Geography) or Survival check made within the Vale.

Forged Writ of Passage: The forgeries are expertly made and require the appropriate check of DC22 to recognise them as fake. You receive a +2 to Bluff and Disguise checks when using the forgeries.

The Shephard:

Tooth of Your Most Hated Nemesis: Though you lost a finger to get it, the tooth has always otherwise brought you luck. While carrying the tooth, you gain a +1 luck bonus to Reflex saves.

- jatori

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  1. trashcondor said, on 7 September 2009 at 10:53 am

    You know, I’m almost tempted to interpret these items as Pathfinder traits instead. What you think?

    • jatori said, on 7 September 2009 at 6:57 pm

      Initially, I thought of creating PF traits and 4e backgrounds. So, that thought pattern still influenced the final write up. ^_^

  2. avianfoo said, on 7 September 2009 at 1:02 pm

    If my nemesis is a rabbit, can I have his 4 feet as well and be 4 times as lucky? :)

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