[Distributed Workshop] Vamping up Nevermet Press’ The Desire

Posted in internet, nevermet press, rpg, WoD by cassey on 14 December 2009

Today is the official release day for a product I’m proud to be associated with, Nevermet Press‘ first pdf  Portrait of a Villian: The Desire (you can pick up a copy here). Part of the official release day ‘party’ ;) I give you a vamped up Desire.

Name: Desire        Virtue: Justice*              Vice: Lust**       Clan: Ventrue           Covenant: Invictus


  • Int           ØØØØ
  • Wits        ØØØ
  • Resolve ØØØØ
  • Str           ØØØ
  • Dex         ØØØ
  • Stamina ØØØØ
  • Presence          ØØØØØØ
  • Manipulation ØØØØØ
  • Composure     ØØØØØ


  • Empathy ØØØ
  • Expression ØØØØØ
  • Persuasion ØØØØØ
  • Socialise      ØØØØØ
  • Subterfuge ØØØØØ
  • Streetwise ØØØØ – specialities: underworld, web of desire network***
  • Occult              ØØØØ
  • Politics            ØØØ
  • Investigation ØØØ
  • Stealth        ØØØØ
  • Athletics    ØØØ
  • Weaponry ØØØ – specialise: self-defense


  • Dominate ØØØØØ
  • Resilence Ø
  • Majesty    ØØØØØ
  • Auspex     Ø
  • Obfuscate ØØØ


  • Haven ØØØØ – her home is the one refered to in the masquerade encounter
  • Heard ØØØØØ -made up of all the whores and pimps in her employ
  • Status [city] ØØØØ
  • Status [clan] ØØØØ
  • Status [covenant] ØØØØ
  • Allies [local government] ØØØØ – some of these allies are there because of what she knows
  • Allies [police] ØØØØ – you need some friends in high places when you run all the brothels in town
  • Contacts ØØØØ
  • Striking looks ØØØØ
  • Retainer ØØØØ – the retainer is one of her ladies in waiting
  • Resources ØØØØØ – all of the Desires wealth strives from her extensive network and business dealings
  • Eidetic memory ØØ – you need one of these to blackmail and manipulate people who let their secrets slip during intimate moments

Size: 5       Health: 9        Willpower: 9        Defense: 3      Initiative Mod: 8

Humanity ØØØ ****            Blood Potency ØØØØØØ

Vitae 15/ max spend a turn 3

The Desire appears to be a young woman in her mid to late 20s, even though she is an elder (250 years) of the dance macabre.

* Justice drives her every action, from the moment she was wronged as a young girl in a nobles employ.

**Yes, it would be a given that the madame of a brothel would be lustful…but it’s not all about sex. She also lusts after power, hence her extensive network acting as spies for her.

***Her network is made up of whores, pimps and all the people who make up the seedier side society.

For reviews on the pdf go check out Gnome Stew, d20 Source, Alltern8, Uncle Bear and The Examiner. For another workshop take a look at  The Core MechanicSea of Stars and Sycarion Diversions.

- Cassey (look out for my name in the pdf :) )

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