[Review] Divine Favor: The Oracle

Posted in pathfinder, review, rpg by Jerall on 1 November 2011

The Divine Favor series introduces new options for the divine Pathfinder classes. Divine Favor: The Oracle takes a closer look at the oracle class, including new curses, mysteries and feats.

Unlike Divine Favor: The Cleric, DF:tO spares only a few sentences discussing the class before diving into the new options. I rather liked the class introduction from DF:tC. That said, individual oracles, perhaps more so than other classes, differ greatly from one another due to player choices built into their class abilities. Attempting to create a generic guide for the class probably would not have added much value to the product.

I’ve become to accustomed to Open Design’s ability to provide inspiration for character concepts, adventure ideas and even campaign settings. DF:tO supports a number of genres from clockwork-augmented characters to Lovecraft-styled alien horrors. A selection of my favourite new options include:

Unstable Form (Curse): I love transmuters (I am currently running a transmuter in Pathfinder Society and a mutagen-focused alchemist in a play-by-post game), so any curse that supports (or inflicts) transformative abilities gets my attention. Unstable form curses the oracle with a ever-mutating body (effectively reincarnating in a new form every morning) while providing some limited control at later levels. This curse is a little player admin intensive, but would allow me to constantly tinker with some of my favourite mechanics.

Clockwork (Mystery): This mystery fits easily into any steampunk game, allowing for mortal conduits for the gods of artifice. The revelations allow for a number of construct and clockwork themed abilities, including the ability to gain control over constructs, summon forth chains (simulating black tentacles) and (my favourite) augment your oracle’s body with clockwork prostheses.

Old Gods (Mystery): One revelation, in particular, grabbed my attention: By my name you shall call me allows an oracle of the old gods to hear her name being spoken aloud, over great distances. At higher levels, this revelation allows the oracle to scry on the speaker and eventually teleport to the speaker. Suitably creepy. Other revelations include the ability to teleport foes through non-Euclidian, nightmare-inducing space, and summon forth the dweller in the darkness.

Summon Avatar (Feat): Summon avatar allows the oracle to augment her summon spells, granting her summoned creature a bonus based on her chosen mystery. The feat covers all of the mysteries found in the APG and within DF:tO, providing one of several new options for existing oracles.

Though some of the options presented would make for a more admin intensive oracle and one curse, Wanderer, appears to be near unusable by players except in the most travel-focused campaigns, most would easily find a place at my table.

Overall, I enjoyed reading through Divine Favor: The Oracle and look forward to using some of the options in future games.

- Jerall

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