[Pathfinder] The monk and the combat scabbard – Tengu Edition

Posted in pathfinder, rpg by Jerall on 12 September 2012

Earlier this year, I presented a fighter/monk build that made use of the sharpened combat scabbard and Equipment Trick feat found in the Adventurer’s Armory. Though I rather liked the build and concept, I never got beyond the theory crafting stage of my character design and build process. Recently, I landed up with a few GM credits for a new PFS character and so decided to revisit the build:

Tengu Lore Warden / Master of Many Styles; Monk of the Sacred Mountain

S 16 D 16 C 12 I 10 W 14 C 8

F01 – Equipment Trick (Heavy Scabbard)
F01 – Quick Draw (B)
M02 – Dragon Style (B)
M02 – Improved Unarmed Strike (B)
M02 – Stunning Fist (B)
M03 – Mantis Style (B)
M03 – Power Attack
M03 – Toughness (B)
F04 – Combat Expertise (B)
F04 – Improved Disarm (B)
F05 – Tengu Wings
F06 – Furious Focus (B)
F07 – Mantis Wisdom
F08 – Improved Critical (Katana) (B)
F09 – Elemental Fist
F10 – Dragon Ferocity (B)
F11 – Dragon Roar
F12 – Dazing Assault (B)

The build differs significantly from the last. First, I put more focus on not wearing armour (the previous build was quite happy in full plate). Second, I swapped out the find the hidden and steer opponent tricks for the capture weapon trick, which makes for a very different fighting style. I imagine this tengu would walk around with two to three swords and four scabbards (look at some of Wayne Reynolds’ art for Pathfinder and you’ll see that this isn’t an abnormal equipment load for any Pathfinder). Some things stayed the same: Mantis Style is used to continually improve Stunning Fist, despite the lack of monk levels, and a ki focus weapon is crucial to the build.

I’m still considering a few alternative builds – using the cad and maneuver master archetypes instead, or pushing for four levels of monk to also get the ki pool necessary to make use of a ki intensifying weapon. Tomorrow, I’ll post another tengu and scabbard build.

- Jerall

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