[Pathfinder] The monk and the combat scabbard – Tengu knows all the tricks

Posted in pathfinder, rpg by Jerall on 13 September 2012

Following on from my original fighter/monk build and tengu version of the build, I’ve come up with another build that makes use of the sharpened combat scabbard and Equipment Trick feat found in the Adventurer’s Armory. Thanks to the bonus feats granted by the maneuver master archetype, this build ends up with access to four of the equipment tricks: hurl scabbaard (level 1), capture weapon (level 3), steer opponent (level 4), and grab purchase (level 5). If you swap out the Tengu Wings feat, you can get a fifth trick (I like find the hidden). If you use a human, you might be able to squeeze in the last trick, tangle leg.

Tengu Lore Warden / Maneuver Master

S 16 D 16 C 12 I 12 W 14 C 7

F01 – Equipment Trick (Heavy Scabbard)
F01 – Quick Draw (B)
M02 – Improved Dirty Trick (B)
M02 – Improved Unarmed Strike (B)
M02 – Stunning Fist (B)
M03 – Improved Disarm (B)
M03 – Power Attack
F04 – Combat Expertise (B)
F04 – Improved Bull Rush (B)
M05 – Tengu Wings
F06 -
F07 – Greater Dirty Trick (B)
M08 -
F09 – Improved Critical (Katana)
F10 – Mantis Style (B)
F11 – Mantis Wisdom
F12 – Dazing Assault (B)

- Jerall

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