[Pathfinder] 1000 bird style magus

Posted in anime, pathfinder, rpg by Jerall on 30 April 2013

ChidoriI first presented the 1000 bird style magus last year (almost to the day). Since then, a few errors were pointed out in the build, which I have had a chance to correct and even play.

Human Magus (Hexcrafter/Staff Magus) (Chidori build)

S 18 D 12 C 14 I 14 W 10 C 8

Traits: Magical Lineage (shocking grasp); Reactionary

L01: Quarterstaff Master (B); Spell Focus (Evocation); Spell Specialization (shocking grasp)
L03: Arcana (Concentrate); Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff)
L04: Hex Magus (Slumber Hex)
L05: Elemental Spell (Acid); Intensify Spell (B)
L06: Arcana (Flight Hex)
L07: Heighten Spell
L09: Arcana (Hasted Assault); Preferred Spell (shocking grasp)
L11: Empower Spell (B); Weapon Specialization (Quarterstaff)
L12: Arcana (Ice Tomb Hex)

Of course, dropping the Staff Magus archetype allows for a selection of weapons with a greater critical threat range. However, I found that Ultimate Equipment introduced a number of good, low-cost staff options (starting at 8 000 gp) that serve as good weapons at level 10 (Staff Weapon) and offer extra flexibility through Use Magic Device. I made a number of the choices in this build to suit my particular taste. Dropping the quarterstaff feats, for example, allows for earlier metamagic feats. As a result, I marked those that I consider critical to build in bold.

- Jerall

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