[Pathfinder] Tien Pirates of the Inner Sea

Posted in pathfinder, rpg by Jerall on 9 January 2012

If 2011 was the year of the ninja and samurai, 2012 must be the year of the pirate. 2011 saw the release of the ninja and samurai classes in Ultimate Combat, the Dragon Empires Gazetteer, the Jade Regent adventure path and the start of the Quest for Perfection PFS scenario series. 2012, on the other hand, promises a lot of seafaring adventures with the upcoming Skull and Shackles adventure path and the Journey to the West project (set in Open Design’s Midgard universe).

I’m looking forward to running Skull and Shackles later this year. Though it’s still several weeks before we can expect to see the player’s guide, I already have a few ideas for my group. Pirates may be all the rage in 2012, but I am, admittedly, pro-ninja. Thus, I’m considering mashing the two together for my Skull and Shackles group. How would this work? I’m playing around with the idea of restricting my play group’s race choices to those presented in the Dragon Empires Gazetteer (namely Tian humans, kitsune, nagaji, samsarans, tengus and wayangs) and few selected entries from Bestiary III (namely catfolk and ratfolk).

Of course, I might change my mind after reading through the first few parts of the AP (I may not be able to start the game immediately after the release of part 1) or after the release of the upcoming Advanced Race Guide. However, I do think a most of my group would appreciate the chance to try something a bit different from the all-humans-all-the-time party. I know that I certainly would.

- Jerall


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